Our philosophy

Philipiak Milano’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our products enable the use of various cooking methods, all of which focus on preserving the natural nutrients of meals. As a result, the dishes which are prepared are aromatic, healthy and wholesome. They taste great.

Steam cooking

This is one of the healthiest methods of preparing food.

The design of Philipiak Milano utensils makes it easy to use hot steam during everyday cooking. This way, you do not lose the valuable vitamins and minerals naturally contained in foods.


The secret to healthy frying is the use of the fats in the food itself. The unique design of Philipiak Milano utensils makes it easy to prepare meals without adding fat, while preserving the nutritional value of fried products.

with a small amount of water

A technique enabling the preservation of vitamins and minerals naturally contained in foods, which is especially recommended in the heat processing of fresh vegetables.

Philipiak Milano’s utensils ensure the appropriate circulation of hot steam, which enables boiling in a minimum quantity of water.

Tradition of top quality

We have been supplying top quality kitchen utensils to customers around the world for 50 years. The constantly increasing number of satisfied customers is the best confirmation of the value of the Philipiak Milano brand.

Nowoczesna Technologia

Modern technologies

The objective of the constant search for innovation is to make healthy cooking even easier and more efficient. Philipiak Milano’s utensils are manufactured from top quality chromium-nickel stainless steel Cr-Ni 18/10, which does not react with food when cooking and frying. We were the first to patent the technology of welding the multi-layered base of the utensil with its sides under a pressure of 2,000 tonnes.


The Factory

Philipiak Milano utensils have been manufactured consistently in the same factory on the outskirts of Milan since 1967. Here, we designed and developed a number of technical solutions, which are used to this day by our customers during their everyday culinary adventures.