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Philipiak Milano 1967 uses more than half a century of experience in the production of this exclusive brand, which includes a number of prestigious products. The Philipiak Milano 1967 Brand is uniquely designed with a focus on high quality, exclusive style, and good health. Most importantly, all Philipiak Milano 1967 cookware pieces are made with the highest quality grade stainless steel. Our company also offers fine cutlery, modern forged knives, and porcelain dining sets. And, Philipiak Milano 1967 regularly introduces new product lines and expands its culinary range. Due to the special care of the direct relationship with each customer, Philipiak Milano 1967 strongly maintains the trust and loyalty of our patrons.


Philipiak Milano is actively involved in charity and public assistance. Our company is a partner of the charity fund “Ex Animo Foundation”, supporting patient oncology clinics. We also organize a weekly charity event series entitled "Dinners on Thursdays" with the participation of European celebrities. All proceeds of this weekly event are used solely to support charitable activities and children in need. With a strong focus on the promotion of healthy lifestyles, Philipiak Milano 1967 cooperates with well-known medical institutions. Further, Philipiak Milano collaborates with respected doctors, nutritionists and culinary masters, and produces the free magazine "Health & Beauty" in order to enrich our community with the knowledge of wellness and good health. Through the trust of our customers and Philipiak Milano Community, we are able to share the passion that fuels our success.


Our company has been recognized in Europe in several areas of business. Philipiak Milano has been awarded the Industry Italian Award - Gold Mercury, as well as a certificate of authenticity from Registro Nazionale Produttori Italiani. We are recognized by financial institutions as a reliable and honest business partner. We are very proud that our company has received the “Ex Animo Foundation” award for active participation in charitable activities. But, the greatest reward for us is, of course, the wellness and satisfaction of our customers.


Philipiak Milano 1967 is pleased to present a wide range of cookware made of stainless steel and characterized by a luxurious and sophisticated design that boasts beauty and functionality, as well as technological prowess. Our cookware is designed to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle. We, at Philipiak Milano, spread the simple message of good health, teaching our community to care for themselves and their loved ones. We are spreading the philosophy that food is not just a daily routine but a way of life and a path towards wellness.

Crafted from top quality stainless steel, the Philipiak Milano state-of-the-art knife set is as beautiful as it is durable. Combining high performance with innovative design, our complete five knife set is perfect for all of the slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping you do every day. Features ergonomic, easy-grip handles with a unique shape that allows you to lay the knife on the counter without the blade touching kitchen surfaces.

Philipiak Milano presents a new dimension of culinary culture with porcelain tableware and coffee and tea service sets, all designed with the highest quality and sophistication. With three unique sets available, Philipiak offers an elegant setting for every table.




Philipiak Milano 1967 Products are made of 316L Surgical Steel and 18/10 Stainless Chromium-Nickel Steel Cr-Ni. This metal ensures strength, durability, and high quality use. As research develops regarding the material used in forging cookware, it has become much more common place to find these valuable metals in the kitchen as they are extremely resistant to bacteria and will not transfer impurities into food. In production, both the internal and external parts of our cookware are subjected to special polishing, while the interior is completed with a satin brushed finish. This process gives the cookware a beautiful shine and makes them more resistant to damage.


The special shape of Philipiak Milano lids creates a "water ring" between the cookware and the lid, providing a natural airtight seal, allowing you to cook in a healthy way; for example, steaming while maintaining food’s natural minerals and preparing nutrient dense whole foods.


Thanks to the smooth and perfect profile edges of our cookware, you can transfer liquids from cookware to serving dish without the use of additional accessories.


Philipiak Milano 1967 gladly contributes and participates in many cultural and sporting events of national and international importance. We support the performing arts and are also a regular sponsor of the World Cup Championship in Beach Volleyball.


A healthy body is the reward of a simple organic diet that is rich in nutrients and avoids extra fat and salt. To apply this idea in practice, it is necessary to cook foods in their own juices and natural fat, while avoiding overcooking or burning. As a result, the meals you prepare retain a high percentage of the vitamins, minerals and proteins naturally found in nutrient dense whole foods. Philipiak Milano 1967 products allow you to use a variety of culinary cooking methods, all of which focus on the "behavior" of nutrients during cooking; making prepared meals organically light and healthy. Of course, for the best and most satisfying results, your recipes will require the right combination and quality of ingredients.

Steaming, or cooking in a small amount of water, is especially recommended when preparing fresh vegetables and fruit, such as broccoli, carrots, apples, bananas, etc. This technique uses the water that is naturally found in the foods themselves. Valuable nutrients and minerals are not washed away by water and the vitamins are not lost due to high temperatures. Vegetable cooked this way preserve their natural color and taste.

While many of us enjoy eating fried foods, we know that fried food isn’t’ good for our health. Fortunately, there is a healthier way to fry! Instead of adding oil, just use the fat that is found in the food itself. Fat- Free Frying is possible with Philipiak Milano cookware, using our Royal and Classic Frying Pans. Our Frying Pans are made of the highest quality steel. They have thick, accuthermal, pea-textured bottoms, and spherical lids. All of these features help to bring out the natural flavors of food without the need to use fat or salt.

Philipiak Milano 1967 Products are made of 316L Surgical Steel and Stainless Chromium-Nickel Steel Cr-Ni 18/10. This metal ensures strength, durability, and high quality use. As research develops regarding the material used in forging cookware, it has become much more common place to find these valuable metals in the kitchen as they are extremely resistant to bacteria and do not transfer harmful substances or impurities into food. Further, this high quality steel is guaranteed not to react chemically with food and the inner surfaces have a satin finish to allow for easy cleaning.

#1 – YOUR COOKWARE IS HAVING AN UNWANTED CHEMICAL REACTION WITH YOUR FOOD Many pots and pans have a less than favorable, sometimes even dangerous, chemical reaction with the foods you cook in them. Aluminum pots, for example, are known for adding odors and changing the color of certain vegetables. Copper, a naturally and potentially poisonous metal, must be lined with other materials and checked often to make sure the copper is not having direct contact with your food. Even iron cookware can encourage oxidation in your body and deliver excessive amounts of iron into your food. And, nonstick surfaces, when scratched, can expose your food to synthetic polymers associated with certain health issues. Regardless of your cookware’s material, always check for any chips or scratches, as this is an indicator that metals could be making their way into your meals. #2 – YOUR COOKWARE EXPOSES YOUR FOOD TO TOO MUCH HEAT FOR TOO LONG All foods experience some nutrient loss when exposed to heat. Specifically, a recent study in the Journal of Food Science reported that many nutrients are heat-sensitive and are destroyed when exposed to heat for a prolonged period. The key, then, is to expose foods to the proper temperatures for the least amount of time possible. Typical cookware makes it difficult to cook at the optimal temperature. More often than not, we overcook our foods to make sure they are fully cooked; exposing them to heat that is too high for much longer periods of time than are necessary. Cookware that doesn’t heat quickly and that cooks unevenly only increases the amount of nutrients lost while cooking. #3 – YOUR COOKWARE DESIGN & MATERIAL FORCES YOU TO COOK IN UNHEALTHY FAT FOR FOOD TO TASTE GOOD No one denies that frying food is one of, if not THE, unhealthiest ways you can prepare any type of food. Frying increases your fat and caloric intake, especially if you bread food before frying. Yet, there are many of us who resort to frying as our primary way of cooking up our favorite meals, because otherwise they just don’t taste right to us. Further, we often add unnecessary oils and butter to otherwise healthy meals. It may not seem like much, but it’s surprising how easily the fats in these oils stack up.

Please, be sure to visit our blog for new deliciously healthy recipes each week. Philipiak Milano 1967 is dedicated to helping you cook healthier meals and improve your quality of life.

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